5 Links Worthy Of Your Attention #3

  • Everything Apple announced at WWDC 2016 in one handy list: This year’s keynote from Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is a wrap – but if you missed it, here’s a recap of the important bits you need to know.
  • What’s Snapchat Building? Recent Acquisitions Point to the Next Big ThingSnapchat’s lead the way with various new initiatives that have gone on to become trends which have been adapted and adopted by other platforms – things like Lenses, disappearing content and image editing tools. The fact that Snapchat’s been able to continually add new, industry-leading features (like video stickers, for example) is a testament to their understanding of their audience and their ability to see what’s coming next, which is a strong sign for the app’s future prospects.
  • What Marketers Need To Know About The New Data In User-Generated ContentRanvir Gujral, the CEO of Chute, talks about user-generated content, which is “content created by your audience, usually about your brand.” It is the digital word of mouth and “84% of consumers trust word of mouth more than any other form of marketing.”
  • What happened when a professor built a chatbot to be his teaching assistantTo help with his class this spring, a Georgia Tech professor hired Jill Watson, a teaching assistant unlike any other in the world. Throughout the semester, she answered questions online for students, relieving the professor’s overworked teaching staff. But, in fact, Jill Watson was an artificial intelligence bot.
  • Six methods for smarter marketing segmentation: Use these 6 (plus a bonus!) smarter marketing segmentation methods to ensure your list doesn’t get stale teams.

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