5 Links Worthy Of Your Attention #3

  • 5 Psychological Concepts That’ll Strengthen Your Social Media StrategyMost of us joke about being addicted to things like Snapchat or Instagram, and we’re all probably guilty of compulsively checking our phones for updates. However, social media is changing more than just our immediate behavior.
  • 7 Clever Ways Brands Are Using Snapchat:  Whether you think Snapchat is the wave of the future or you’re confused about this new-fangled platform young folks are obsessed with, one thing remains clear: It’s a place for brands to capture an audience with enormous purchasing power.
  • How to Preserve Cultural Memory in the Digital AgeWe’re moving from an information economy of relative scarcity to one of abundance. And we have yet to build an infrastructure that can manage titanic masses of data at scale. The high cost of publishing books and making films forced us to ask what we can afford to save. But anyone with an internet connection can write blogs and post home movies to YouTube. Now we must decide what we can afford to lose.
  • How to Get Your Videos to Perform in Search: Do you create YouTube videos? Want to get them seen? Amy Schmittauer is here to help you discover how to get your videos to rank in search.
  • It Takes A Lot More Than A Big Idea To Change The WorldWe tend to think of innovation as a single event, but that’s never true. While Edison gained fame and fortune for his inventions—and rightly so—there were countless others, from factory architects, managers and accountants to workers themselves who helped created the revolution that electricity made possible.

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