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5 Links Worthy Of Your Attention #10

Snapchat reveals its $130 Spectacles and rebrands as Snap Inc.: Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has finally taken the wraps off the company’s long-rumored glasses project, Spectacles. Instagram tiene dos veces más

5 Links Worthy Of Your Attention #9

4 Ways to Use Video in Twitter Ads.Here’s how Snapchat makes money from disappearing videos.Cómo emprender en un México violento y no morir en el intento.Three Ways to Drive Customer Loyalty Through Cross-Channel Campaigns.We Need To Switch Our Mental Models From Hierarchies To Networks

5 Links Worthy Of Your Attention #8

Facebook Live Rolls Out Audience Targeting: This Week in Social Media.Instagram will soon let you filter comments on your own account.The Psychology of Successfully Marketing to Millennials [Infographic].Why bad ideas refuse to die.

Bienvenidos a la universidad generación Z

En un par de semanas, las universidades de todo México y el mundo recibirán en sus aulas a una nueva generación de estudiantes quienes en promedio nacieron en el año de 1998. El mundo ha cambiado radicalmente desde entonces y a diferencias de las generaciones anteriores, todos ellos han recibido una enorme influencia digital.

5 Links Worthy Of Your Attention #7

Facebook Is Launching New App-Install Ads to Help Developers Find Interested Audiences. Stop Talking About Digital Transformation and Just Change Already. The “How” And “Why” Of Facebook Sharing.10 Snapchat Hacks to Make Your Snaps Stand Out.10 Brands Using Facebook Messenger Bots for Business

5 Links Worthy Of Your Attention #6

4 things publishers need to know to compete In the digital age, the new psychology of content consumption, Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Seth Godin on the role of creativity in business, how publishers wring new value from old content, 26 ways to use video for your social media marketing.

5 Links Worthy Of Your Attention #5

Facebook accused of censoring conservatives. Twitter Is Finally Putting An End To Tweets That Start With “.@”. 5 Ways to Legally Protect Your Online Business. China Says to Crackdown on Fake News From Social Media.

5 Links Worthy Of Your Attention #4

How to get the most out of millennial workers? Teach them new skills.10 Personal Branding Secrets to Use for Social Media.Algorhythms For Marketing Transformation.3 Tools to Create Social Media Visuals.

5 Links Worthy Of Your Attention #3

5 Psychological Concepts That'll Strengthen Your Social Media Strategy. 7 Clever Ways Brands Are Using Snapchat. How to Preserve Cultural Memory in the Digital Age. How to Get Your Videos to Perform in Search. It Takes A Lot More Than A Big Idea To Change The World

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